Message from the President


Dear Colleagues,

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for electing me President of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe during the annual meeting in Versailles. During my two years presidential term I will try to do my best to make the RSE more prominent in the world. We are scientifically very strong and respected group, so I believe that this will not be so difficult.

I would like to thank to Prof.Wolfgang Gubisch for his great efforts in the foundation and all the great achievements for RSE. Without him, this Society would not exist. I also thank all founding members and Board of Directors for their efforts and support during the foundation period and after that. I also thank all of our distinguished members for being part of this Society.

The goal of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe is education and exchange of experience between different disciplines. Therefore the bylaws are structured that plastic surgeons, otorhinolaryngologists and maxillofacial surgeons will be represented on the Board of Directors. The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe acts as an educational platform for its members, to allow specialised members who have a strong clinical, teaching, and research interest in rhinoplasty to exchange and develop their ideas and to work out problems in a common forum of mutual respect and collegiality.

After Versailles, I met with the Board of Directors and discussed about the future activities of the RSE. We have had several decisions to move forward the Society. Here I share with you our plans for the future.

1) Increasing membership- We already received 82 applications during Versailles IMRHIS Meeting. There is no doubt that if we have more members we will be stronger both scientifically and financially. On the other hand qualification of the members is as important as the number. If you have colleagues who are focused in rhinoplasty you can extend our invitation to be member of RSE. We decided to reduce admission fee from 350 to 250 Euro during the Board Meeting in Versailles.

2) Membership Benefits- Although to be a member of this distinguished society is prestigious, membership benefits is the key for getting more members. We have been working hard to create more benefits for our members. We have been working on the items below;
Video Library: We have been working to create a video library on rhinoplasty techniques for our members. We already have several good educational videos. Only our members will be able to access these videos through our website. We are working for eliminating legal problems (it is not possible to share videos of the patients in some of the European countries) and technical issues on the website. If you have specific techniques in rhinoplasty and would like to share it with RSE members you can send it to our Assistant Secretary Mr. Yagiz Tutuncuoglu ( Nowadays we are working for the update of RSE website. After we establish the new structure on the website we will launch the video library and be able to include your video clips into the video library.

Educational Activities:
We are planning to organise cadaver workshops every year for our members. The first Cadaver Course will be held in Istanbul on 17-18 March 2017.The registration fee will be around 500 Euro which is very reasonable for a cadaver workshop. Members of RSE will have privilege to register these cadaver courses. We will do announcement to RSE members first, after registration of our members if there still are places we will receive non members. Nonmembers will pay 250 Euro more for the registration.

We will organise live surgery courses which will be two or three days. In these courses, the rhinoplasty experts from RSE will perform live surgeries and at the end of the day discuss the surgeries with participants. These meetings will be quoted 200 Euro cheaper for our members. We are planning the first one at the fall of 2017.

Some of our members have been organising meetings annually e.g Wolfgang Gubish, Enrico Robotti, Nazim Cerkes etc. The RSE members will have an opportunity to register these meetings with a lower registration fee.

Visiting the Experts as an observer for a short term: Some of our members who are expert on rhinoplasty receive visitors as observer for short periods. We are planning to give opportunity to our members to visit some experts as observer for a short period. can accept and give privilege to RSE members to observe our surgeries. We will announce the name of the surgeons who would like to receive observers and visiting periods on our website.

Opportunity to present during annual meeting: We encourage you to present your work and share your new ideas at the annual meeting. We would like to give place to every member of RSE during the annual meeting.

3) Website- We have been updating the website of RSE and you will be able to see announcements, news, new member benefits, etc. soon.

4) Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter pages of RSE-We will open facebook,Instagram, LinkedIn pages for RSE. These social media tools will make the RSE more visible.

5) Affiliation with ISAPS and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal – The new Editor in Chief of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery( Official Journal of ISAPS) Bahman Guyuron offered us affiliation with APS Journal. I already signed the contract and RSE became one of the affiliated societies of the Journal. The name of the RSE will be seen on the masthead of each issue of APS.

6) Whatsapp Group Between RSE Members- We are planning to set up a Whatsapp Group between the members. You can join this group and discuss your problem cases and ask questions to the experts.

7) 2017 Annual Meetings of RSE and River Cruise- In Versailles it is decided that 2017 Annual Meeting will be held in Russia and 2018 Annual Meeting will in Bergamo-Italy. We are planning to do 2017 Annual Meeting on Riverboat Cruise between 25-30 June 2017 from Moscow to St.Petersburg. I believe that it will be a great experience. If you would like to attend this cruise please visit the website and register.

8) Second International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies ( IMRHIS)- We had a successful IMHRIS meeting organised by Rhinoplasty Society of US and RSE in Versailles between 8-10 September 2016. After positive feedbacks from many colleagues, we decided to repeat it in 2018 in USA under the hostage of Rhinoplasty Society of US. We are planning to organise the second IMRHIS in October 2018, in Miami.

9) Reciprocal Membership with Rhinoplasty Society of US- We are planning reciprocal membership with Rhinoplasty Society of US which is our sister society . So members of one of the society may become a member of the other society easily and pay half annual due.

To accomplish these goals we need your support. Please do not hesitate to write me if you have any question or comments.

Warm regards,

Prof.Dr.Nazim Cerkes
President of RSE