Membership Application The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe

Membership Application The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe


I apply for membership in the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe

To apply for membership, please call one guarantors of the pool of Founding Members or Board Members.

Dr. Michael Bromba Essen (Germany)
Dr. Nuri Celik, Istanbul(Turkey)
Prof.Nazim Cerkes Istanbul (Turkey)
PD Dr. med. Andreas Dacho, Essen (Germany)
Charles East, London ((UK)
Dr. Helmut Fischer, Stuttgart (Germany)
Hossam Foda, (Alexandria, Egypt)
Olivier Gerbault, Paris (France)
Prof. Wolfgang Gubisch, Stuttgart (Germany)
Prof. Werner Heppt, Karlsruhe (Germany)
Dr. Konstantin Lipski, Moskau (Russia)
Dr. Enrico Robotti, Bergamo (Italy)

ClinicPrivate PracticeChief PhysicianHead PhysicianOthers

Plastic SurgeryENT medicineOral and maxillofacial surgery

Full MemberFull Member incl. homepage linkageAssociate MemberAssociate Member incl. homepage linkage

Business addressPrivate address

Transferring the amount to the bank account of RhiSoEu Account no.: 6403000 Bank code: 750 903 00 Bank: Liga­Bank RegensburgForeign payment BIC­code: GENODEF1M05 IBAN: DE16 75090300 000 6403000I entitle RhiSoEu to withdraw the annual membership fees from the following account of a GERMAN BANK