Secondary Rhinoplasty

Secondary ( Revision) Rhinoplasty is a very specialised area in rhinoplasty surgery. It corrects the inferior results and addresses the size, width, profile, tip and nasal asymmetry from the previous surgeries. It also helps to redress the problem of breathing, as a result of the structural failure in the nose. Secondary rhinoplasty many times involves augmentation of the nose. Autografts from the rib or ear cartilage are usually preferred by most surgeons, as they have the least amount of complications.

It is very important to know the patient’s expectations from the surgery, and in return know the surgeon’s goals. At the end of a rhinoplasty consultation, the patient and surgeon come to a conclusion as to what areas of the nose need to be dealt with and if he/she is the right candidate for rhinoplasty.

Final results depend on the surgeon’s experience and patient desires . Patients with realistic expectations are likely to be more happy at the end. Thus, it is important to understand the patient’s needs and then let them know if the final result can be achieved or they should hold off the surgery. Also, patients with different skin types, will show different end results.